new to dibfit?

What to Expect

Be prepared to sweat. We recommend wearing workout clothes that won’t get in the way of your pedal strokes. Our classes feel a lot like a party or​ a concert because we like our music loud. We usually start class with a warm-up, followed by a release of endorphins with climbs and sprints.​ This is followed by a weight series and a cathartic moment of introspection. We finish class with one last cardio push and end with a stretch. Our rides move at a fast pace and may seem overwhelming at first. Just know, this is your ride, and you can take as many breathers as you need. ​You will never be judged, and listening to your body and what it needs is the most powerful thing you can do.

First Time Tips

Arriving 15 minutes before your class starts is so important for having the best experience. If you arrive after the class has already started, we may not be able to accommodate you. When you arrive at the studio, make sure you introduce yourself to someone at the front desk. Everyone at DibFit is there to help you! They’ll show you around the space—including the changing rooms, bathrooms, lockers, the works. They’ll also help you set up your bike, sign the new rider waiver, and anything else you may need for your ride.

4 Minute Rule

We reserve the right to release any bikes that are not signed in for 4-minutes before a class begins. In order to hold the bike, we ask that riders call the studio to let us know they are on their way if they are running late. The front desk will hold a bike for up to 10 minutes after class begins, though we cannot guarantee the rider will be given the bike they signed up for. Riders who are more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted into class.


  • All riders must sign a waiver prior to their first ride.
  • In order to cancel a class reservation and return it to your account, you must unreserve by 5 pm the night prior to the class. If a rider does not cancel their bike they will be charged for it.
  • Riders can cancel by logging into their profile online or calling any studio directly.
  • We are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen at our studios.
  • If a rider is planning on leaving class early, we ask that they please tell the Instructor ahead of time.

A Few Things to Remember